About RARP


  • Our passion is restoring Classic Motor Vehicles.
  • Our Bread and Butter is the REBUILD, REFURBISHMENT and REPAIRS of VAN and TRUCK BODIES
  • We use traditional methods and repair to original specifications or customize to your requirements.
  • With old school values we have built our business around honesty, ethics and integrity.
  • Bodywork, upholstery and mechanics are handled under one roof.
  • Cars are rebuilt to last a lifetime.
  • VAN & TRUCK BODIES are built to outlast our competitors.
  • Restoring classic cars has given us a distinct advantage in building VAN & TRUCK bodies.
  • We understand metal fatigue, we understand rust and we understand what is required out of repair and rebuild work.


Renew, Refurbish, Repair of VANS and TRUCK Bodies